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Degassing Process
Degassing ProcessDegassing ProcessDegassing ProcessDegassing Process

Degassing Process

Product Description

Course contents are:

  1. What is Degassing?
  2. Why Degassing?
  3. How Degassing Work ?
  4. Optimizing Degassing Performance.
  5. Guidelines for Adding Chlorine.
  6. Hydrogen solubility and influencing parameters.
  7. Effect of increased water vapor pressure on hydrogen solubility.
  8. Theory and principals of hydrogen removal.
  9. Power analysis of degasser rotors.
  10. Mixing capabilities of degasser rotors.
  11. Mixing time comparison for 190 mm rotors.
  12. Influence of different rotor designs on degassing efficiency.
  13. Influence of different rotor diameters on degassing efficiency.
  14. Influence of different rotation speeds on degassing efficiency.
  15. Influence of different alloy compositions on degassing efficiency.
  16. Influence of inert gas flow rate on degassing efficiency.
  17. Influence of crucible size and melt amount on degassing efficiency.

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